Route 66

Route 66 the stats…

Looking at the initial plan you can see we adjusted the route slightly to accommodate for two days in Las Vegas for a little rest, so the trip turned out like this: 26 Juni Chicago 27 Juni  Chicago till St Louis (410 km / 260 miles) 28 Juni  St. Louis till Springfield, MO (316 km... Read More »

Lessons learnt driving Route 66

There inevitable a few things you learn from doing a 2 week road trip which I thought I would share… We all want to drive a Mustang Convertible, however it is a two man car, you can do three people but it is at a push and you will have to make sure you do... Read More »

Day 13 wrap up in Los Angeles

We started the day with a sleep in to 9 am, and then headed out to see the USS Iowa and spent two hours checking her out. Then off to returning the car and getting to the... Read More »

Day 12 on the road, Las Vegas to Los Angeles (430 km / 267 miles)

Today was another early day, as it is a long drive to LA, we started at 7 am and we opted to go out on Route 66 again in Barstow. We drove on the old 66 past Victorville, Lenwood, Helendale, Oro Grande where it follows the rail road rather than the interstate. Driving through some... Read More »

Day 11 on the road, Las Vegas (0 km / 0 miles)

A day of rest and shopping, and besides I have been told what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas….now pool... Read More »

Day 10 on the road, Flagstaff Az to Kingsman Az and detour to Las Vegas (400 km / 250 miles)

Again, we left early at 7 am, and driving towards Seligman to get on Route 66, and passing towns like, Yampai, Nelson, Peach Springs, Truxton, Crozier, Valentine, Hackberry and Kingman. Most small towns on this part of Route 66 is either capitalising on the former Route 66 glory or completely dilapidated and covered in dust... Read More »

Day 9 on the road, Holbroke Az to Flagstaff Az via Grand Canyon (360 km / 225 miles)

Another long day to drive, so we started at 7 am with the first stop being Winslow and the Meteor Crater, an entrance fee of $18 is a little steep but it is a great site, and you do get some local discounts and there is a guided tour and a museum and a film... Read More »

Day 8 on the road, Albuquerque Nm to Holbroke Az (370 km / 230 miles)

Albuquerque to Holbroke is long drive, so we started at 7 am to get a head start, with the first stop being Gallup, which is known as the native Indian capital as it is set in the middle of the Navajo nation. Gallup started it’s days in 1881 as a trading post and a railway hub.... Read More »

Day 7 on the road, Santa Rosa Nm to Albuquerque via Santa Fe (290 km / 180 miles)

We started the day early with driving to Santa Fe, the state capital, and spent the morning walking around the downtown area. In addition to the normal shopping and tourist crowds there was the build up to 4th of July with stalls, stands and stages being built and adding to an already busy town center.... Read More »

Day 6 on the road (halfway!), Amarillo Tx to Santa Rosa Nm (275 km / 170 miles)

The day started with a refuelling stop, you have to love Texas, $1.89 per US gallon (3.78 litres) to $25 to fill up the Mustang. Then drive to the New Mexico border, which is about an hour away from Amarillo, and after a short stop we continued to Tucumcari having gained an hour as we... Read More »