Day 8 on the road, Albuquerque Nm to Holbroke Az (370 km / 230 miles)

Albuquerque to Holbroke is long drive, so we started at 7¬†am to get a head start, with the first stop being Gallup, which is known as the native Indian capital as it is set in the middle of the Navajo nation. Gallup started it’s days in 1881 as a trading post and a railway hub. On a side note it also has the highest crime rate in New Mexico…

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Route 66 follows the interstate but on occasions it goes further out and gives you a better view of the landscape, and it passes Indian trading posts and historical sites.

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Next stop was the Petrified Forest outside Holbrook, a US national park with fossils especially from trees. The park is a 28 mile circular run which costs $20 per car, with about 15 viewpoints, a perfect setup for taking the top down on the car and cruise along the park!

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The final destination for the day was Holbrook an old Western town with links to early settlements, the railways and gun battles. Nowadays it is just a small town frequented by people coming to see the Petrified Forest or driving Route 66. The biggest attraction in the Wigwam Motel, which is has made the US National register for historic places, which is where we stayed the night.



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