Day 10 on the road, Flagstaff Az to Kingsman Az and detour to Las Vegas (400 km / 250 miles)

Again, we left early at 7 am, and driving towards Seligman to get on Route 66, and passing towns like, Yampai, Nelson, Peach Springs, Truxton, Crozier, Valentine, Hackberry and Kingman. Most small towns on this part of Route 66 is either capitalising on the former Route 66 glory or completely dilapidated and covered in dust (Steinbeck and Grapes of Wrath comes to mind…). Since the road goes in a half circle above the interstate you can clearly see the lack of traffic and we only saw 5 cars in 2 hours, on a bonus side, you can stop and enjoy the scenery.

DSC_2379 DSC_2382 DSC_2384 DSC_2385 DSC_2386 DSC_2387 DSC_2388DSC_2382 DSC_2389 DSC_2390 DSC_2391 DSC_2392


Now we are taking a detour off Route 66 to Las Vegas for two days, and we stopped at the Hoover Dam on the way in to Las Vegas.

DSC_2395 DSC_2397

DSC_2398 DSC_2400 DSC_2405 DSC_2406 DSC_2407 DSC_2408 DSC_2409 DSC_2411 DSC_2412 DSC_2414 DSC_2415 DSC_2416 DSC_2418 DSC_2419 DSC_2420 DSC_2424 DSC_2425 DSC_2427

We finally hit Las Vegas at 3 pm and checked in at Excalibur for two nights.


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