Route 66 the stats…

Looking at the initial plan you can see we adjusted the route slightly to accommodate for two days in Las Vegas for a little rest, so the trip turned out like this:


26 Juni Chicago

27 Juni  Chicago till St Louis (410 km / 260 miles)

28 Juni  St. Louis till Springfield, MO (316 km / 200 miles)

29 Juni  Springfield, MO till Tulsa (370 km / 230 miles)

30 Juni  Tulsa till Oklahoma City (230 km / 142 miles)

1 Juli      Oklahoma City till Amarillo (420 km / 220 miles)

2 Juli      Amarillo till Santa Rosa (275 km / 170 miles)

3 Juli      Santa Rosa till Albuquerque via Santa Fe (290 km / 180 miles)

4 Juli      Albuquerque till Holbrook (370 km / 230 miles)

5 Juli      Holbrook till Flagstaff via Grand Canyon National Park (360 km / 225 miles)

6 Juli      Flagstaff till Las Vegas (400 km / 250 miles)

7 Juli      Las Vegas

8 Juli      Las Vegas till Los Angeles via Barstow (430 km / 267 miles)

9 Juli      Los Angeles


With excursions and detours, it ended up being 5015 km / 3116 miles against predicted 4000 km / 2485 miles!

Against the initial budget, here is where we ended up:

Mustang Convertible and the cost including a one-way fee ended up being $2345 due to Budget adding tax on to the one-way fee!
As we did slightly more mileage with 5015 km / 3116 miles and the estimate on fuel consumption that a new mustang does 25mpg which will make about 120 US gallons and the average price along the route is $3.25 per gallon which adds up to $400/3 persons = $135 per person, I am happy to say I was wrong, we ended up only spending a total of $355 for all of it.
The aim is to stay at medium priced motels and share a room, and that would be 13*$180/3 persons = $800 per person. We also managed to get this cheaper than expected at $700 per person despite staying at upmarket budget hotels such as Hampton Inn and Hyatt Place.
Other costs:
We were calculating on average to spend about $75 per day on food, beer and sightseeing which takes us to $975 per person. It turned out that we only spent around $33 on average on food, and another $17 per day on sightseeing and other expenses, making the spend only $650 for the trip.

The predication took us to a grand total of about $2,600 per person without the flights, however adding this up it ended up being $2250.

Some other stats from the ride was we spent 76 hours driving!, the average fuel consumption was 8.7 liter per 100 km (27 mpg US)(32.5 mpg UK).



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  • Richard says:

    Great account and well done! Really enjoyed reading about the trip and would have really liked to be part of it but at the same time I’m really glad that I wasn’t the fourth guy in the Mustang…

    Good luck with the next trip. We look forward to reading more about your adventures.



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